About Us

Our mission at Tailor's Rack is to help the environmental blue print to continue to thrive by reducing waste in landfills, empowering the community to recycle and reuse quality goods, and to help our community gain some additional economical income by helping them resell their quality goods.

In order to make this mission possible, we decided to define a consignment business model that simple, fun and that offer reasonable priced high quality items. In addition, we offer full service alterations to our customers and to the public.  

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Why is our system simple and different from other consignment systems?

We have one simple consign split agreement for all of our items and all consignors.  We offer "never ending" consignment term agreements for your items.  You can leave your items with us forever. We have no extra nickel and dime fees to consign.  We sell your items in our store and/or online without no fees.

Why is consigning and shopping with us fun?

For consignors, we sell your items in our store and/or online so you can have variety of exposure so you can make money faster.  For buyers, all items in store are color dot coded to offer fun weekly sales.  We offer a clean, music jamming environment to make your shopping experience with us little fun and entertaining.

What do we mean our items are reasonable priced?

When people hear "consignment", they think upscale prices.  To be true and cohesive with our mission, we found that upscale consignment did not work for us.  So we decided, to ensure that the consignors get quick sells and the buyers get great deals on high quality items at a reasonable price.