How to Consign with Us

Consignment Steps

Tailor’s Rack sells consign men and women casual clothing.

We strive to sell quality items at a reason price and ensure that your consign experience is as simple and easy.

  • No upfront fees
  • Indefinite consignment agreement
  • Accept all seasonal items any time, any season
  • No appointment to set-up consignment account
  • All fashion name brands will be considered for acceptance

We consign and sell women and men clothing, shoes and accessories. 

Steps to start consigning:

  1. All items must be “like new” condition (no stains, holes, heavy wear, and odor, such as smoke and heavy perfume). All items must be freshly laundered and folded (no hangers). All shoes and handbags should be clean and dust-free.
  1. All items should be transported into a bin and/or laundry basket or tote.
  1. After you decide what items you want to consign, bring your items to us. Once you arrive, we will transport your items to our bins. You will be asked to fill out a consignor’s contract. It will take at least 1 week to process your items.
  1. Once your item sale you will receive 40% of the sale price and pay outs are done once a month.